Friday, May 31, 2024

Annie Cast List!

The cast list for Annie has arrived! For those involved, see below for instructions from your director, Sandy. Looks like a great line-up. Congrats to all the actors--we can't wait to see the show!
ANNIE Cast-2024
Everyone who auditioned has at least 1 part!!!
Look carefully at the lists because you may find yourself in more than one role!!!! You will notice a few blanks that I hope to fill before our first rehearsal Wednesday, June 5 for everyone at 6:30. At that time you will get scripts and rehearsal schedules. ALL orphans and Annie should also plan on rehearsal on Thursday, June 6 at 3:30 in the theater. Always use side door #25 to enter. Notify Sandy if you can’t be there June 5. 507-380-4099.
Annie - Ily Silverman
Warbucks - Leif Peterson
Grace Farrell - Shannon Bruce
Miss Hannigan - Jessica Schiller
Rooster - David Lick
Lily - Alison Kulseth
Bert Healy - __________
Molly (smallest) - Lydia Krier
Kate (a little bigger) - Sophia McCay
Tessie (crybaby) - Kaitlyn Schlomann
Pepper (toughest) - Madelyn Brehmer
July (quietest) - Mattea Christensen
Duffy (biggest) - Allie Winrich
Bonus Orphans:
Cambria Bartel*
Piper Bartel
Nicole Garcia
Aubriana Huddleston
Abigail Krier
Eloise Krier*
Edith Londgren
Callie Silverman
Brynlee Winrich*
Drake (butler) - Ethan Cuellar
Cecille (French maid) - Ellie Stordalen
Annette (French maid) - Emily Kleiden
Mrs. Greer (housekeeper) - Nevaeh Hanson
Mrs. Pugh (cook) - Dalitzy Acosta
Chauffeur - Emilio Arreola
Footman - Drew Swanson
Bundles (laundry man) - Gus Zender?
Apple seller/Hooverville Man #1 - __________
Dogcatcher - __________
Asst. Dog catcher - Leo Cuellar
Lt. Ward (policeman) - Adam Munsterman
Radio announcer - __________
Star-to-be - Ellie Stordalen
Sandy (the dog) - Sandy Bartel
Boys: Eli Christensen, Zeke Lick
Sound Effects Man - Emilio Arreola
Jimmy Johnson - Ethan Cuellar
Freddy McCracken - Drew Swanson
Boylan Sisters: Laura Christensen, Candice Bartel, Alison Kulseth
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Joe McCabe
Harold Ickes - Andy Hermodsen-Olsen
Frances Perkins - Jane Oldenburg
Cordell Hull - Greg Burman????
Henry Morganthau - __________
Military Guard Howe - __________
Apple Seller - __________
Sophie - Jane Oldenburg
Eddie (Man 2) - Andy Hermodsen-Olsen
Woman 2 - Rosine Hermodsen-Olsen
Woman 3 - Jen Anderson
Man 3 - __________
Man 4 - Paul Harris
Woman 4 - Sue Harris
NEW YORKERS (NYC Act 1, Scene 6):
Jen Anderson
Jane Oldenburg
Joe McCabe
Leo Cuellar
Thalia Londgren and Children
Joeleen Krier and Children
David Lick and Zeke
Laura Christensen and Eli
Kelly Schiller and Charlotte
Drew Swanson
Candice Bartel
Andy and Rosine??
Bob Lick?
Jody Wolner

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Auditions for Annie!

 We're excited to announce St. James Community Theater is back this summer with a production of the beloved "Annie," directed by Sandy Sunde! The performances will take place on July 26 and 27. We'd love to see you at auditions on May 15, 16, 21, or 23 in the St. James Little Theater, so if you're interested please see below to sign up for a time slot. You can also contact the Community Ed office at 507-375-4517 or message us here if you have questions. Break a leg!