Monday, June 12, 2017

Now Auditioning for "Deadwood Dick!"

Auditions for the adult production of "Deadwood Dick" are taking place at Armstrong School tonight beginning at 6:00pm! As many of you know, St. James has a lot of construction going on and the school is no exception ;) Please remember try outs are being held at Armstrong Auditorium (that's the old middle school on the south side of town, for those new or unfamiliar with the area). Due to road work in front of the school, you'll want to enter the building from the back parking lot on 8th Avenue (by the Catholic Church). There will be signs posted to direct you into the building from there. Try outs will also be held tomorrow and Wednesday evenings. E-mail us here with any questions or contact the community education office at (507) 375-4517 during normal business hours. Want to know more about the potential roles in "Deadwood Dick?"  Check out the descriptions below for more details.  See you there!

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